Transgender Teen Accuses Steven Crowder Of Paying Her $1000 For Sex When She Was 17

Oh shiiiit.

If you’re wondering where you may have heard the name Steven Crowder before, he’s the guy who does the ‘Change My Mind’ videos on YouTube where he goes around university campuses in America and debates students on topics like how many genders there are and whether trans women should be allowed in women’s bathrooms.

Admittedly, it can be entertaining watching him trigger the overly woke types, but in the process he’s gained a reputation for being something of a right wing troll and provocateur and is often accused of being a transphobe and bigot and whatnot. Which makes this accusation that came out of nowhere on Twitter today very, very interesting:

Now obviously this is just an accusation and there are no other details available that could prove this allegation is true or not, but holy shit can you imagine if it was? The guy who makes $$$ trolling transgender people (whether he’s right or wrong about the things he says) is paying trans teenagers for sex in his spare time? Would love to see him explain his way around that one.

Although personally, if I were paying $1000 for sex with anyone, I’d want a bit more bang for my buck…

… Yikes! Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Crowder has yet to respond to the allegations but the Tweet is going mega viral so it shouldn’t be too long now. The responses under the Tweet seem to be a mixture of people asking for more details and proof and others freaking out at them for not wholeheartedly accepting the victim’s accusation as fact. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Never forget:

To watch a dude get beaten up by a one-legged Brazilian trans woman in the street, click HERE. That’ll put a dampener on your day for sure.


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