Stephen Bear Moved To ‘Prison Wing For Vulnerable Prisoners’

Poor guy.

You might remember that Stephen Bear was crying every day after he was jailed for leaking a sex tape with his ex girlfriend Georgia Harrison via his Only Fans account and it looks as if his situation has only declined even further after it was revealed that he’s been moved from his original wing at HMP Chelmsford to one designed for vulnerable prisoners.

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Here’s what an unnamed source said about how the prison staff were currently treating Bear:

Bear is being treated with kid gloves.

There’s always a concern about high-profile prisoners.

Everyone in here knows what he’s done and how he fancies himself as a celebrity.

He’s in a vulnerable state and has been placed in an isolation wing where prison staff can keep an eye on him.

Guards have been ordered to watch over Bear as concerns for his welfare grow.

I dunno if that’s really that surprising considering the guy seemed absolutely convinced that he wasn’t ever going to jail for leaking the video and so therefore it must be quite a culture shock for the guy being in there for the next couple of years. Can’t say he doesn’t deserve it though because his behaviour was completely reprehensible. Be interesting to see how the his time behind bars play out for the guy. Hopefully loads more funny stories like this.

For more of the same, check out Bear telling the jury that he thought releasing revenge porn was funny. Way to read the room pal.


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