Stephen Bear’s OnlyFans Account Deleted After Sharing Sex Tape Without Ex’s Permission


Reality TV dickhead Stephen Bear’s OnlyFans account has been shut down after ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison claimed he had shared an X-rated video of her on the platform without permission.

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Earlier this week Georgia Harrison uploaded a series of posts on her Instagram story claiming Stephen had videoed the two of them together using CCTV in his home without her consent, reports The Tab.

She claimed he had sent the video to mutual friends on WhatsApp and had also uploaded it to his OnlyFans account which enabled him to monetise the clip.

Stephen took to his own social media channels to refute the claims, saying he hadn’t seen Georgia since holidaying with her in Thailand 2 years ago, and that the woman featured in his sex tape isn’t Georgia anyway, but another woman altogether.

Georgia however insists it is her after seeing screenshots from the footage, and shared this text exchange in which she threatens to take Stephen to court:

Georgia also shared a video on Instagram in which she broke down crying while lameting the situation:

How did Stephen Bear respond to this? By releasing his own (since deleted) video mocking her and doing an impression of her crying:

Lol – he’s consistent, we’ll give him that. Dude has done pretty well for himself being a reality TV show villain (Celebrity Big Brother, Celebs Go Dating, Shipwrecked, etc) and it looks like being accused of sharing an ex-girlfriend’s sex tape without permission isn’t going to stop him.

Here’s the general reaction to the story on Twitter:

We’ll have to wait and see whether Georgia Harrison really does take the situation to court, but if she does, can’t say it’s looking good for Stephen Bear. And if what’s been alleged is 100% true, it’ll be no less than what he deserves.

For the man who responded to his girlfriend dumping him by sending their sex tape to her 10-year-old brother, click HERE. Yikes.


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