Girl Dumps Guy; Guy Sends Her Sex Videos To Her 10 Year Old Brother

As far as revenge stories go, this has to be one of the worst.

When you split up with your ex a lot of shit goes through your head. You may be angry, bitter, you may even seek revenge. When most people seek revenge, maybe they’ll hook up with their ex’s best friend – it’s all pretty standard procedure when you’re an immature guy/girl who wants to screw up their ex because they got dumped. HOWEVER under no circumstances would you EVER be so fucked in the head that you would send a porn video of your ex to their ten-year-old brother. But that’s exactly what 22-year-old Gary Whicker did.

After Whicker from Liverpool spilt up with then girlfriend he got drunk and decided the best way to get revenge was to send a video of her masturbating to her little brother. The brother – thankfully unaware that it was his sister – told his mum that he had been sent something naughty to which she contacted the police.


Whicker was sentenced to eight months in prison for the attack in which he humiliated her and called her a “slag” before threatening to expose her. He pleaded guilty to disclosing private sexual images with the intent to cause distress.

The family statement read:

I hope Gary Whicker understands the damage and stress he has caused my family. I knew what kind of person he was but I never thought he would stoop as low as he did.

If you were wondering, no she didn’t take him back after this. Lets hope that a stint in prison may knock some sense into him. It seems sending revenge porn to siblings is the in thing at the moment, like this savage drug dealer’s plan to get paid (NSFW).


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