Stephen Baldwin’s Going To Freak When He Sees These Photos Of Hailey

Give the poor man a break.

Hailey Baldwin is all grown up and she’s already managed to carve herself a pretty decent modelling career.

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Although Stephen has had to come to terms with men desiring his baby girl, I think her latest photoshoot might just send him into a meltdown. Hailey stripped down in an explicit shoot for the 21st instalment of the Love calendar countdown. The photos almost make it look like she was making her own sex tape:

hailey-featured hailey hailey-1 hailey-2 hailey-4 hailey-5 hailey-6 hailey-7 hailey-8 hailey-9

Blimey. Give poor Stephen a break Hailey, he’s getting old.

Then again, at least she’s not announced she’s back with Justin Bieber. So that’s something.


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