Stephen Baldwin Has Revealed What He Thinks About His Daughter Dating Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Stephen Baldwin

The fact Bieber is still alive says it all really.

We told you a couple of weeks ago that Justin Bieber was dating Stephen Baldwin’s daughter Hailey and today TMZ have finally caught up with Stephen to find out his opinion on the young man.

Stephen is pretty complimentary about Bieber as he’s being bothered walking through an LA airport after a long flight by an annoying reporter – but he also crucially says that the two of them aren’t actually dating and are ‘just friends’. Check out the footage below:

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Well there you have it – what a revelation. Seriously though what is the reporter talking about at the end? It sounds like he’s really struggling for questions when he’s all like ‘would Justin have to go all old fashioned and ask you for her hand?’ – I mean I know a lot of people are going to say who even cares what Stephen Baldwin thinks about Justin Bieber, but honestly nobody cares if he’s going to have to go all ‘old fashioned’ if he wants to marry his daughter.

Maybe Stephen should have a word with Justin about getting his Instagram followers to track down girls he fancies though, because that isn’t exactly that cool when you’ve got a girlfriend.


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