Stuart Baggs’ Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed

Stuart Baggs

This is really sad.

The world was shocked last week when it was revealed that Apprentice antihero Stuart Baggs had died in his sleep at the age of 27.

Nobody was sure what the reason for his death was at the time, but it was theorised that it might be to due with the insane amount of work he was doing at the time. He was working 18 hour days and only catching four hours of sleep a night in the days preceding his untimely death, working on a new business venture.

However, this wasn’t the case and it can now be revealed that Baggs died in his sleep as result of complications stemming from his asthma. He had suffered from this condition for most of his life and it’s truly tragic that it took him just days after his 27th birthday. He had previously declined to celebrate his birthday that night to try and catch some shut eye before another big day, which makes the whole incident even more heartbreaking.

Baggs had been known for saying that he intended to ‘live fast and die young’ though, so perhaps in some ways this is a fitting end for him. It certainly seems like he lived his life to the fullest in the business world before his exit.

Here’s a clip of his best bits from The Apprentice. RIP.

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