Starbucks Have A Secret Back Up Code In Case They Forget Your Name

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Could you repeat that please sir?

The whole idea of Starbucks writing its customer’s names on their cups is a pretty stupid business model.

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Yes, it might make the dominating conglomerate seem more personal and friendly, but if anything it’s just caused more bother than it’s worth when the staff inevitably completely cock up the spelling of people’s names.

Marc with a C

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Turns out, however, that Metro has uncovered a secret code used by Starbucks when the employees can not understand a customer’s name. When they put an ‘O’ on the cup, it pretty much means, “I have no idea what this person’s name is.”

This doesn’t always go to plan though, after one staff member started to scribble a name, then crossed this out and wrote the ‘O’ on the side. The girl mistook the scribble to say ‘Fat’ thus spelling the word ‘Fato’. She was apparently left “mortified” when she assumed the staff were ripping her weight – actually they just didn’t have a clue what her name was.



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So there you have it. If you ever end up with an ‘O’ on the side of your Starbucks cup, you either have an obscure name or you need to speak up a bit.

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