You’ve Been Using Starbucks Lids Wrong Your Entire Life


Game changer.

Going to Starbucks and buying one of their tasty coffee based drinks is pretty much a staple in life for the majority of the population these days, but what if we told you that literally everyone in history was using the lids of their drinks wrong?

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I just assumed they whacked a lid on it to keep it all inside the cup so you wouldn’t spill a shitload of it, even though some of it usually manages to leak out somehow. Well, it turns out that was only half the story and there’s actually a pretty ingenious use for them. Get a load of this:

Starbucks Coasters 3

Starbucks Coasters 2

Starbucks Coasters 1

That’s right. The lid is actually multipurpose and you can take it off and use it as a coaster so your drink doesn’t sift through the cup and onto whatever surface you’re resting it on. Of course, that does come with the provision that you have to be careful you don’t knock it over because there’s nothing stopping it from spilling everywhere now, but chances are if you’re not an idiot then you’re going to be OK with that 99% of the time.

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