Here’s Why Starbucks Employees Are So Bad At Spelling Customers’ Names

Starbucks orders wrong

Turns out they’re a lot smarter than you think.

Everyone has been to Starbucks to get their grande pumpkin spiced latte or whatever and been completely flummoxed when the employee hands you a cup with a name on that barely resembles yours. Or does resemble yours but it’s spelled wrong or badly or whatever and it really fucking annoys you. Maybe so much that you even upload it onto your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram account to moan about it to all your virtual friends. However bad it got though, at least nobody ever put Satanic symbols on your coffee cup.

But still, the question remains as to why the hell is everyone who works in Starbucks completely and utterly retarded, to the point that people can’t even spell normal names like Chris, Jessica, John and Paul properly? Well, it turns out that a lot of them aren’t actually as dumb as they seem and there’s one simple reason that they do it – to fuck with you. Paul Gale explains the mentality behind this below:


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