These Guys Staged Islamic Racial Attacks To See How People Would React


The results were surprising.

There’s no denying that Islamophobia has gotten really out of hand in recent years, with some Muslims even being thrown off of planes just because the staff felt suspicious.

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This is why Fahim Miah and Kennedy Clink decided to conduct the following social experiment, to see just what the general public think. The pair took to the streets of Cardiff to fake an Islamic racial attack and see if anyone would intervene.

Clink pretended to verbally abuse his friend while he was praying and surprisingly multiple people stepped in to stop him.

Just goes to show that not everyone is as discriminative as we might think. Miah has since said that he is pleased with the results:

Obviously, looking at the media these days you’re expecting people to be afraid of Muslims because we have become a sort of stereotype in their eyes and I wanted to show that society could come together and be one.

Looking at Wales, it’s just a beautiful place and no one really discriminates against us, regardless of their religion.

We were really happy to see the people in Cardiff sticking up for us and we weren’t expecting it.

Well done Cardiff, you passed the test. Would be interesting to see if the results were similar if they staged the attack in a less Metropolitan part of the country.

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