Stacey Leigh Photographs ‘Average Americans Who Just Happen To Be Sex Dolls’ In New Photo Series

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Dolls have feelings too.

The sex doll craze has exploded over the last few years, with many guys actively stating that they prefer the company of a doll to that of a real life human female, not only for sexual activity but also for emotional support and ‘human’ connection.

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That might be crazy talk to a lot of us, but photographer Stacey Leigh wanted to take the idea of sex dolls as more than just a non animated companion to create her new photography series ‘Average Americans Who Just Happen to Be Sex Dolls’. The shots all feature sex dolls – Leigh herself actually owns 12, although I’m not sure why – in mundane human situations like dining or eating, although they’re all designed to tell somewhat of a story too.

Leigh explains:

I think that there is something that happens when you see a hyper-realistic, life-size doll… in person or in a photo, there is a feeling. Something that looks so alive, yet it is so still. It’s uncomfortable.

You might feel repulsed and empathetic at the same time. But I think once you put aside the fact that they are sex toys, you tend to feel an odd human connection.

In Brooklyn as a youth, I got into trouble… clubs, drugs… I did my thing. Eventually, I grew up, worked on Wall Street, and got married. I guess I use the dolls as a vessel to tell my story. I portray what I know. I am an average American.

I wanted to show the dolls the way the men who loved them saw them. I wanted to humanize the dolls.

I guess there’s something about that in these shots, but mostly it just kinda creeps me out a bit. I suppose that’s kind of the point though, as these are normalised sex dolls. Still makes me feel icky though.

For more sex dolls, check out this homemade one. Absolutely revolting.


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