St Louis Cops Shoot And Kill Kajieme Powell For Stealing Two Energy Drinks (NSFW)

American Cops

American cops do their stereotypical justice once again.

Wow. If all the stuff that is going on in Ferguson right now isn’t enough of an indictment on how bent and fucked up most of the cops in America are then this video goes even further in perpetuating the stereotype.

It involves a completely unlawful shooting and killing of a 25 year old black man called Kajieme Powell who had stolen two energy drinks in St Louis. Admittedly that’s wrong and against the law but there’s nothing about his behaviour (he is carrying a knife – which again is wrong and against the law – but he walks vaguely towards the police at a normal speed and is completely non-threatening) that warrants the cops shooting him 12 times, including once when he was on the ground and clearly already dead. They then handcuff his lifeless body, which kind of sums up how retarded they’ve been in the whole situation. To make matters worse it’s apparently well known in the area that Powell was mentally ill.

What’s even more baffling is that the police themselves released this video and it clearly seems from it that they’re in the wrong and overreacting, but surely the only reason they would have released it would be to try and justify the killing? I can see how they’re trying to play it like that but the fact of the matter is that he doesn’t look threatening at all in the video and even though he had a knife I don’t think there was any reasons for the officers to kill him.

Fucked up doesn’t even begin to cover it. Powell’s behaviour was wrong but he didn’t deserve to die like this, there are way more effective ways that he could have been restrained other than shooting him nine times and killing him, like mace or a taser or even just shooting him once in the leg or something.

RIP. Let’s hope that the situation in this city doesn’t mirror that of Ferguson.


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