A Spurs Supporter Got Attacked After Shouting ‘Come On Spurs’ In Chelsea Stand During Friendly

Not a good idea.

It seems Spurs fans are always getting themselves beaten up at football matches, but you’d think they would at least manage to avoid this during a pre-season friendly, even if it’s up against bitter rivals Chelsea.

Not too sure why the Spurs fan was in the Chelsea end in the first place, but in hindsight he probably should’ve been a bit more discreet about it…

Great work by the steward there just standing behind the wall watching. Although to be fair I probably wouldn’t get involved in a fight either if I was getting paid £8.30 an hour. Fair play to the other fella for stepping in to stop it and saying things like “no, you don’t get to do that! Don’t you dare!”. You really do have to talk to these boneheaded football fans like 5 year olds sometimes.

Never forget – the time a Spurs fan thought it would be a good idea to chant ‘We Hate Milwall’ in front of hundreds of Milwall supporters:

Not the time or the place really.

To watch a heartbroken Aston Villa fan set fire to a Jack Grealish shirt following his transfer to Manchester City, click HERE. Got a feeling there’s a hell of season ahead of us in the Premier League.


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