Watch These Spring Break Assholes Stomp A Guy After He’s Already Unconscious

Spring Break Assholes Fighting

Not cool.

Spring Break either looks like the greatest or worst time ever. I mean it’s kinda cool that you go over to Mexico and just get trashed for a week and try and hook up with as many girls as possible, but that’s also why it’s completely awful.

One thing that’s definitely not cool about it is this next video. I suppose it’s inevitable that whenever a whole bunch of drunk teenagers get together there are going to be fights, but even if you’re fighting someone it’s not cool to stomp someone in the head when they’re unconscious on the floor. Asshole behaviour:

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I mean yeah I don’t know what that guy did but there’s absolutely no way he deserves to be kicked that hard in the head by two different guys, one of which ran over there specifically to do so. I guess maybe there are some things he could have done to warrant that, like killing a baby or something, but the fact is I doubt that any of them were going down at Spring Break.

It’s stuff like this that makes me err towards the idea that Spring Break is one of the worst things ever. Over in Australia though, their equivalent Schoolies looks even worse.


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