VIDEO: Sports Bar Installs Peep Holes In Bathroom So Guys Can Perv On Strip Club Next Door

Strip Club Peep Hole


If you owned a sports bar that conveniently happened to be next to a strip club, how would you make the most of the situation? Of course you would set up some peep holes in the bathroom so that your clientele could perv on girls when they’re taking a whiz – it makes more sense than checking your phone for photos of The Fappening when you’re taking a leak at least.

The bar is called The Pole Position and it’s located in Tacoma, Washington so it would be a bit of a trek to check it out, but you know it would probably be worth it to catch a gland of those strippers right?

Just gotta hope that none of the strippers get trapped behind a locker now when they’re trying to twerk, although to be fair that could lead to hours of entertainment.


Peep hole in the men’s restroom at the Pole Position Sports Bar. In the Sway-Side #spanaway #polepositionsportsbar #smh #peephole #craycray

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