Spokesperson For The ‘Millennial’ Generation Is A Hell Of A Lot Older Than He Claimed



A successful US comedian who crafted a public image as a spokesman for the ‘millennial’ generation is actually 20 years older than he claims.

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Comedian Dan Nainan has raked it in as the go-to guy for millennial opinion and even received personal endorsements from Barack Obama and Donald Trump.


He’s travelled around the world taking high-paying stand-up gigs at corporate events and makes frequent media appearances providing a millennial voice in articles about topics from young Trump voters to youth attitudes to porn.

Only problem with that is he’s 55 years old – he claimed to be 35 in 2016.

Dan had presented himself as some kind of comic wonder-kid, leaving behind his high-paying tech job to follow his natural passion for stand-up – a classic example of a career-changing millennial re-inventing himself before middle age.


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He claimed he was working as a senior engineer in New York during 9/11, and as he watched the attacks unfold in real time he decided there and then at age ‘19 or 20’ to quit his job and pursue his love for comedy instead.

Unfortunately for him, the Daily Beast did some digging and found out the truth – that ’35-year-old’ Nainan was actually born in May 1961. Whoops.

Worse still, Dan stuck to his original claim that he’s 35 years old (after first refusing to comment) when approached by the Daily Beast with their findings:

I just don’t think there’s any benefit to me commenting. It is what it is.

I’m 35. The mistake is in my birth record.

Welp, bit embarrassing but I’m not sure that Dan should be receiving so much shit over this to be honest. I mean loads of comedians/artists/creatives in general make things up – it’s all part of the hustle of success. “Snake it till you make it,” as they say.

I’d say we’re the fools for believing he was 35 in the first place. I mean look at the photos in this article – first picture, yeah, second picture, maybe, third picture? No fucking way is that man 35!

I reckon the comedian who lied about being in the world trade centre during 9/11 is way worse.



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