Redback Spider Vs. Brown Snake Is Nature’s Most Horrific Battle

Redback Spider Vs Brown Snake

Two of Australia’s deadliest predators one on one – who’s your money on?

One thing you can say about humans is that if they suffer a disagreement, then they don’t usually end up killing each other because of it. Sure, they might come to blows, but actual death isn’t usually an option. In the animal kingdom though, it’s the only way to sort out beef.

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This is exemplified in the video below, where two of Australia’s most deadliest predators come face to face in a battle to the death. The brown snake has somehow slithered its way into the Redback spider’s web, and neither of them are too happy about it. The only way to settle it seems to be to kill each other, so they’re off and at each other.

Who’s your money on?

Yeah, I probably would have backed the snake too but it looks like the spider has it all sewn up. It’s a shame that the video ends so abruptly, but it looks as if the spider has sunk its teeth into the snake and dispatched its venom, so it is pretty much over. It’s a kill shot, like the guy in the video says. Gotta watch out for those spiders.

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