This Special Needs Student Getting Asked To Prom Is The Best Video On The Internet Today

Faith in humanity restored.

There’s no shortage of prom proposal videos on the internet and most of them are pretty crappy exercises in attention-seeking that aren’t really worth posting.

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This one’s a bit different though. Via the uploader:

Dell’s favourite colour is blue and he’s clearly also a fan of Star Wars. So when Brianna asked him to prom, the answer was sure to be yes. This video shows the heartwarming proposal taking place in their high school classroom in Indianapolis. Brianna later told Storyful that she “wanted to show that everyone matters no matter what. Everyone should be able to go to prom.”

How awesome was that? In a world where each generation gets more and more self-obsessed thanks to social media and whatnot, it’s nice to see young people doing things to make other people happy instead of themselves.

And trust me, this Dell kid is over the moon at being asked to prom. His reaction is 100% genuine, pure happiness. Big up that girl Brianna and here’s hoping that foot heals in time for prom. Can’t ask Dell to prom and then show up and half-ass the night for him.

Oppositely, here’s what happens when prom proposals go horribly wrong.


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