Here’s What The Spanish Terminator Says Instead Of ‘Hasta La Vista, Baby’



Despite “hasta la vista, baby” being one of the most iconic lines in movie history, I’ve never really considered the connotations of how it might be translated into other languages.

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Obviously, it’s probably not going to have the same impact in Spanish when the whole movie is spoken in Spanish as well, so I eagerly looked into it when I started thinking about it today. Turns out the Spanish version isn’t anywhere near as impressive:

Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. “Hasta la vista”just sounds so much cooler, although I think this might also have been because my dad told me it meant ‘see you in hell’ back when I was a kid. It actually doesn’t – it just means something like ‘see you later’. Thanks for lying to me all these years dad.

In that respect, “sayonara” and “hasta la vista” mean pretty much the same thing, but I still think “hasta la vista” sounds a lot better. Can’t believe Spanish people had to go through their lives seeing Terminator 2 like that.

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