Spain Players Take Part In Amazing Tiki Taka Training Session Pre World Cup

Spain Tiki Taki Training Session

We all know Spain are famed for their tiki taka style, but this is how they refined it – with hours of relentless drills on the training ground.

The Tiki Taka style has long been the calling card of the golden generation of Spanish players that have lifted two World Cups and the European title, but I doubt many of you have wondered just how they’ve managed to refine that style so magnificently.

The answer – hours and hours on the training ground by the looks of things. In this video, you can see one of their training sessions before the World Cup and it’s pretty clear from it that they work pretty relentlessly on the tiki taka style all the time. In the session, they’re playing on a super cramped and super small pitch with super small goals and doing their best to control and pass with one or two touches, and most of the time they’re succeeding, despite having about three players surrounding them.

If you want to impress next time you play five a side, then maybe do some drills like this. It won’t be long until we see how effective they are when the Spanish come up against the Dutch tomorrow night and probably dick them all over again like at the last World Cup.

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