Some Dude Created His Own Episode Of South Park And It’s Pretty Impressive

Rate this guy’s effort to get a job on the South Park creative team by creating his own home-made episode.

A massive South Park fan named Patrick McCarthy learnt how to animate in order to produce this as his pitch to become a writer on the show — his own mini South Park episode.

He actually posted it on Reddit earlier in the summer but it’s just starting to pick up some steam now.

McCarthy says:

It’s intended to be a mini spec script that I went ahead and animated as well.

Watch below:

Think everyone will agree the most impressive part is the animation which might as well have been drawn by the South Park peoplw themselves. Not sure if he actually just copied some of their drawings directly and then made his edits but whatever the case it looks perfect.

The voices are pretty crappy but then it’s probably asking too much to have him nail those by himself. Jokes and storyline-wise… definitely seems like the guy watches a lot of South Park.

All in all a super impressive effort and awesome way to apply for a job as an animator anywhere.

P.S. If you haven’t seen the behind-the-scenes footage of the South Park voice actors doing their thing – check it out HERE. It’s one of the funniest videos ever.


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