South Park Is Releasing A One-Hour Pandemic Special On September 30th (TRAILER)

This is gonna be amazing.

South Park is returning with a special episode on Wednesday, September 30, that will focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and (probably) other events of 2020. It’s the first one-hour special in the series’ 23 year history.

The teaser for the special opens with Stan’s dad Randy announcing a “Pandemic Special,” which is also the name of the episode, to apparently coax larger weed sales profits from the crisis. Meanwhile, the kids are bracing themselves for a return to the classroom where they’ll have to social distance and deal with a police detective who doubles as their teacher:

God I hope they just unleash. I know TV shows have to be more sensitive and walk around more egg-shells these days but I fully expect South Park to take the piss like it’s 2002. There’s just so much material they could use from the events of the last few months that this is pretty much guaranteed to be amazing.

If I had to guess, I’d say Cartman refuses to wear a mask, Kenny catches the virus (and dies), and BLM are somehow involved too. A perfect hour just summing up how insane the world has gone in 2020. And in the end – nothing changes and we just live in this new hell forever. Can’t wait!

For the time South Park came under fire for portraying Macho Man Randy Savage as a trans female athlete, click HERE. Classic Matt & Trey.


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