South Carolina Is Considering Introducing Execution By Firing Squad

firing squadfiring squad

Trump’s America.

It’s kind of crazy to think that the death penalty is still in place in the United States, but don’t worry – they’re going to make it even crazier by revealing that South Carolina is considering bringing in execution by firing squad because lethal injections cost too much. Marvellous.

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There are currently 29 prisoners on Death Row in South Carolina, but there haven’t been any executions since 2011 as the state can’t afford to get their hands on the drugs they need which is kind of a lol when you think about it. Their solution to this is to propose an act which changes the preferred method of execution in the state to either the electric chair or a firing squad. Nothing like taking it back to the primitive with that one.


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The proposal is now being considered with a decision due next month. Democratic state senator Brad Hutto is facing the firing squad option, saying the following:

It should be effective and fast and do the job, and that’s the problem with the electric chair.

I mean as ridiculous as it is that we’re even having a conversation about this now, he does kind of have a point. Guess this is where we’re at now in Trump’s America in 2019. Fantastic.

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