Is Being A Traffic Warden Worth Dying For?


Traffic wardens suck and it’s the kind of job no-one wants to do. But over in South Africa thousands of people applied for the position of a traffic officer which resulted in the death of 7 applicants.


Traffic wardens – everybody’s favourite type of enforcement officers. NOT.

Becoming a traffic warden must suck. I mean I’d much rather be a traffic warden than not have a job, because not having a job and being skint completely sucks. At least when you’re a traffic warden you actually have a job – which puts you higher than the dole riding crew out there – but let’s be serious it’s far from being the most glamorous job out there. Probably on par with dunking chicken wings into the fryer at Dixies. Anyway, someone’s gotta do it otherwise where would the council get all their money from? Plus these guys and girls must get so much grief off motorists they probably fear for their lives each and every day.Well at least traffic wardens in the UK can be thankful that they don’t have to carry out a fitness test in which they might die when performing it.

To be fair, I doubt traffic wardens even have to carry out ANY kind of fitness test over in the UK. They just roll around on their mopeds and ticket up cars when appropriate, you don’t really need to be fit to do that. It’s kinda like being a G4S security dude, your main job is just to stand/sit around watching entrances. No type of fitness is needed. Yeah you’d probably want to be relatively built so you can handle yourself if the time ever required it, but you wouldn’t need to be able to run a mile in under 6 minutes or anything.

Over in South Africa though you do have to perform a fitness test when applying to become a traffic officer. It must be a very sought after job too as last week thousands of South African residents applied for a traffic officer job that had only 90 available places. Part of the application was a fitness test that included a 2.5 mile run in over 30C heat. Things didn’t quite go to plan and 7 of the applicants died from dehydration and exhaustion. Having a job is great and all but I don’t think becoming a traffic warden is worth putting your life on the line for, I guess someone’s gotta do it though.

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