This Thread Of People With Sopranos Tattoos Is Wild

Someone has put together a Twitter thread featuring some of the best and worst Sopranos tattoos out there.

I’m a huge Sopranos fan. Would I ever get an actual Sopranos tattoo? Probably not. But if I did, maybe I’d have a few tattoos like the ones in this thread that went up on Twitter the other day.

Some are just straight up portraits of people’s favourite characters and others are a little more… abstract. Let’s take a look:

Wow. Never thought there would be so many people with Sopranos tattoos out there, but pleasantly surprised to discover this is the case.

Let’s be real here – some of those are god awful. The one of Adrianna, Carmella’s hands (seriously wtf?), or Tony sat in his chair surrounded by ducks? Not so good. Others are more aesthetically impressive although I’m not sure why the hell anyone would get a tattoo of AJ’s failed suicide attempt or Uncle Junior’s face tattooed on their leg but hey, so I’m sure there’s a good reason.

Personally my favourite is the ‘mix it with the relish’ reference to the greatest Sopranos episode ever – Pine Barrens. Although the smoking fish one made me smile too. Shout out to Big Pussy!

For a look at a 15-year-old Lady Gaga appearing in an episode of The Sopranos, click HERE. Who knew?


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