Sophie Turner AKA Sansa Stark Filmed Using The N Word And Laughing About It (VIDEO)

Career suicide.

A video of Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has sparked outrage on Twitter.

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The clip, filmed at a gym and also featuring Joe Jonas, sees Sophie address the camera and say something that sounds an awful lot like “what’s up my n*gga?”:

If you ask me, it sorta sounds like she might be saying “what’s up motherfuckas?” and in fact didn’t use the N word at all. Can’t be sure though.

Here’s how Twitter responded:

At the end of the day, some people are going to hear what they want to hear just so they can call her a racist. I’m not categorically saying she didn’t use the N word, but in my opinion it sounds like more “motherfuckas”.  Sophie Turner = not racist on this evidence.

For a closer look at what Sansa Stark wrote in her letter to Jon Snow on the last episode of GoT, click HERE.


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