Someone’s Worked Out What Sansa Stark Wrote In Her Letter On The Last Game Of Thrones

Sansa Stark

Needless to say there are a lot of spoilers in this post.

If you’re up to date with Game Of Thrones, then you will have seen Sansa Stark and Jon Snow having a massive argument in the last episode about whether or not they should attack Winterfell and take it back from Ramsey Bolton.

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Sansa said they didn’t have enough soldiers to take it back off his forces, but Jon argued they needed to attack before a winter storm would bury them all in snow and end their attack before it started. They were both essentially correct, but unfortunately there wasn’t really an answer to the debate.

You then saw Sansa Stark writing a letter and sending it off via raven to an unknown recipient. Anyone with working knowledge of the show would probably have assumed she was trying to contact Littlefinger to try and get him to help them with the attack, but because Game Of Thrones fans are so obsessed with every last detail on the show, one Redditor named CreepyPancakes decided to examine the exact details of what she was writing by blowing up and moving around a shot where you could almost clearly see the letter if it wasn’t taking up about 1/20th of it:

Game Of Thrones Letter 1

Game Of Thrones Letter 2

Game Of Thrones Letter 3

Game Of Thrones Letter 4

Game Of Thrones LEtter 5

OK, so he doesn’t quite decipher it exactly, but here’s what he reckons it says if you can’t quite read it on that last screenshot:

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You [promised] to protect me. Now you have [a chance] to fulfill your promise. [The Knights] of the Vale are under your command. Ride [north] for Winterfell. [Lend] us your aid and I shall see to it that you are [rewarded].

Cool. Bet we’re all glad CreepyPancakes wasted his Monday night doing that aren’t we? I suppose it’s nice to know that Game Of Thrones producers are paying attention to detail and kind of cool to be ahead of everyone on the curve by reading this, but ultimately pretty much everyone knew that anyway so it hasn’t really made that much difference to our lives. Thanks though CreepyPancakes, sure.

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