Backlash As Black Comedian Jokes About Killing White People On Frankie Boyle’s BBC2 Show

Should this joke have been allowed on the BBC?

The BBC has come under fire this week after black British comedian Sophie Duker joked about “killing whitey” on Frankie Boyle’s BBC2 panel show New World Order.

As the panel discussed the Black Lives Matter movement, Sophie said, ‘but when we say we want to kill whitey, we don’t really mean we want to kill whitey’, before quipping ‘we do’ under her breath.

See what you make of the clip below:

Personally, I don’t really see the big deal? Sophie Duker is a comedian and that’s what comedians do – crack jokes, even controversial ones. In fact those are usually the best jokes and we laugh at them exactly because we know we’re not meant to. Not saying her joke was particularly funny or anything, but I don’t think it’s cause for outrage either.

Others didn’t find anything amusing about it at all:

Earlier this month, it was reported that Tim Davie, the BBC’s new Director-General, wanted a radical overhaul of the broadcaster’s comedy output in the coming months, over fears it is seen as is seen as ‘too one-sided’ i.e. left leaning.

On the response to Sophie Duker’s joke, the BBC told MailOnline:

Frankie Boyle’s New World Order was shown after 10pm and its content is within audience expectations for a post-watershed, topical, satirical programme from a comedian whose style and tone are well-established.

Well whatever your politics are and whatever you think about Sophie Duker’s views on capitalism and debatable comments like “whiteness hurts black people”, the “kill whitey” part was clearly a joke that isn’t really a big deal given the overall context of it being a comedy show and the topic they were discussing. Fair play to the BBC sticking up for their guest on this one.

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