Musician Sophia Urista Took A Piss On A Fan’s Face During A Live Concert (NSFW VIDEO)

WTF did I just watch?

Sweet baby Jesus. That’s what you call a stream of piss! It took a while for Brass Against frontwoman Sophia Urista to get going there but once those floodgates opened – hoo boy! That (consenting) gentleman got way more piss than he bargained for I bet. Fair play to him for taking it all in!

Naturally the clip is going viral and shocking a lot of people to the core. In fact the rest of the band issued an apology on Twitter and ensured it won’t be happening again…

I guess this sort of thing will be reserved for VIP fans who get backstage passes from now on. Talk about a Golden Ticket! Let’s just hope that young man didn’t wake up with pink eye the next day. Although I have a feeling he’d say it was totally worth it. Hit it:

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