Sony Are About To Change The Way You Game With Their New VR Headset


The future of gaming.

Sony has announced that it will launch its version of a virtual reality headset in October and it will costs £350 to obtain one. It will work with the Playstation 4 console and immerse users in 360 degree virtual worlds.

Playstation are hailing it as ‘a transformative experience in gaming’. They estimate that they’ll have around 50 games available for the system between its launch in October and Christmas. Indeed, Playstation CEO Andrew House said the following regarding it:

The release of the headset is a bit later than the timeframe we previously stated.

We wanted to take the time needed to launch with a broad variety of content and a sufficient supply of hardware.

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Sony VR

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Good to know. Unfortunately that ‘sufficient supply of hardware’ is going to set you back even more, with a camera that users will need being sold separately at £40, and the Move controllers – which are required for any kind of motion control games retailing at £20 each. The original bundle does include headphones and cables though, so that’s something.

Despite the high price of getting all the stuff – and remember you need to own a PS4 too which is another £300 or so – Deloitte Global is estimating that this year will be the first billion dollar year in the VR industry, with over 2.5 million headsets sold. This doesn’t just include the PS4 version, but also Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

They’re even more expensive than the PS4 headset though and requite high end PCs to run, so chances are most people except the hardcore gamers will be waiting until October to get their VR dose.

Anyway, here are some people experiencing virtual reality porn for the first time.


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