Sony Announces The Release Dates For TWO More Bad Boys Films

Bad Boys

They’re officially coming for you.

It was almost a year ago that Martin Lawrence announced that Bad Boys 3 would be happening, but we haven’t really heard anything else about it since then and probably just assumed that it was another movie that was lost in Hollywood production hell.

Well, if we did then we were wrong because Sony have just announced the release of not one, but TWO new Bad Boys movies in the coming years. Bad Boys 3 will be hitting cinema screens on Feburary 17th 2017, whereas Bad Boys 4 will be coming your way on the 3rd July 2019. It’s weird that Bad Boys 3 is coming out in February but Bad Boys 4 is slated to be a summer blockbuster, but hey we’re sure we know what Sony are doing with their release dates right? At least we hope.

There’s no news yet on whether Michael Bay will be working on the franchise that he helped create in any capacity, but Daredevil’s Joe Carnahan is attached to direct the third instalment. Here’s hoping it can match the first two, but we’ve got almost two years until we’ll be able to find that out. On the flip side of that though, they’ve also got two years to get it right. Fingers crossed because we’ve seen how that’s gone in the past.

In the meantime kill some time by making your way through the top ten British grit flicks and this video of the best bits from Bad Boys 2.

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