Song Dissection – Olly Murs: Troublemaker

These women, they be nothing but trouble!

Let’s get one thing straight, I have no problem with Olly Murs, if anything he is to be congratulated on educating us that the population of Essex aren’t all thick as fvck and wear watches on their ankles.

That said his latest hit “Troublemaker” seems to cast aspersions onto some poor girl that seem somehow undeserved, add to this the inclusion of ongoing chart bother Flo Rida chatting shit in between the song we thought we would delve deeper.

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So the song starts, and here we are greeted to the vocal gymnastics of Flo Rida “You’re a troublemaker, you’re a troublemaker, you ain’t nothing but a troublemaker girl!” So already we have been informed that this girl is a troublemaker, and also a girl.  So it’s over to Olly to educate us as to what this naughty girl has been up to.  “You had me hooked form the minute you sat down, the way you bite your lip, got my head spinning around!” Ok so at this point the girl has done nothing other than sit down and bite her lip, is this really someone causing trouble, I think not!  But maybe we not getting the full picture, let’s see what else has been happening “After a drink or two I was putty in your hands, I don’t know if I have to strength to stand!” Hmmmm so you got a bit pissed up on a couple of drinks and this girl is a troublemaker, very bold accusations here, such accusations could land you in hot water Mr Murs.

“Trouble trouble maker, that’s your middle name, I know you’re no good but you’re stuck in my brain!”  Wow, having not convinced in anyway whatsoever that this girl is a trouble maker, he has now the audacity to throw some playground insults her way, I’m really beginning to think that maybe we’re only hearing one side of the story here, maybe a case of sour grapes on your part Olly?

“Why does it hurt so good, but feel so bad, my mind keeps saying, run as fast as I can!” Well fvck off then Olly, no offence mate but you’ve come in, slagged this girl off, made a tit of yourself with the amount of ale you can handle and then you gone onto to make some lame pass at her, I think it is YOU who is the troublemaker here!

However I think we’re getting closer to the root of the problem here “It’s like you always there in the corners of my mind, I see a silhouette every time I close my eyes!” So despite this girl being the troublemaker you claim, you can’t stop thinking about here, is it the case that you have attempted to have your wicked way with this girl and she has advised you to fvck off? “There must be poison in those fingertips of yours, because I keep coming back for more!” Yes it is indeed the case, stalker!

Not complete with Olly laying into this girl Flo Rida has decided to add his take, somewhat worried that he’s not done a duet within the last 24 hours so decides to unleash some killer gangster rap “Maybe I’m insane, because I keep doing the same damn thing!” What thing Mr Rida? “Thinking one day we gonna change, but you just know how to work that back!” What the fvck are you on about? “Typical name is Prada, fit you like a glove girl!” Needless to say we have given up on Flo Rida here, in fact we gave up on Flo Rida when started sampling samples.

So with no definitive reason for this girl being a troublemaker we have come to the assumption that the girl is NOT a troublemaker, on the contrary it is actually Olly whom is the troublemaker as he is the only one who seems to be dishing out verbal attacks on this girl, we could say the same about Flo Rida but we didn’t know what the fvck he was on about.



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