Worst Son Ever Tricks Mum Into Thinking She’s Won $1.6 Billion On The Lottery

She’s allowed to kill him for this, right?

A California nurse thought she’d won a share of the massive $1.6 million Powerball jackpot over in the States this week (she wasn’t the only one) — but it was actually just a prank her bastard son was playing on her.

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The unnamed nurse at Rechnitz’s Park Avenue Health Care and Wellness Center was sent a text message by her son with a photo of the “winning ticket”, who then even drove to the nursing home to pick her up and take her home.

That’s when she found out the gut-wrenching truth:

It’s a joke. It’s a prank…by my brother,” the 56-year-old nurse’s daughter Jennifer told the Daily News from her house in Pomona on Thursday evening.

“It’s embarrassing. This is too much for us,” she said, visibly upset by all the fuss.

The woman went home thinking she was a member of the 1 percent – only to find out her son was merely joking around, the daughter said.

There is one awesome thing to come out of this story though — the nurse’s employer, a kind-hearted man by the name of Shlomo Rechnitz, has offered to send her on an all-expenses-paid 10 day trip to anywhere in the world. Sweet thing to do for someone trying to come to grips with the fact her son is a complete arsehole.

Meanwhile, there are actually people raving outside the 7-Eleven where one of the winning $1.6 billion tickets were sold — what a bunch of losers:

What I’m wondering is whether this nurse’s employer just saved her son’s life by offering to send her on an all-expenses-paid holiday? If I’m this woman I’m 100% plotting to murder my son in cold blood for this. Pranking someone into thinking they’ve won the lottery is the most savage thing you can do to a person. One minute they’re dreaming about cars, boats, holidays and unlimited shopping and the next they realise they have to go back to work at the nursing home on Monday. There’s just no coming back from that.

Meanwhile, this convicted sex offender genuinely won $3 million which he gets to keep. What a kick in the balls.


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