Missing Son Who Was Declared Dead Was Actually Kidnapped And Forced To Tutor Kim Jong-Un

David Sneddon

Mystery solved.

A university student who went missing in China and was declared dead way back in 2004 has allegedly been discovered – in North Korea.

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David Sneddon vanished when he was 24-years-old in China. Unfortunately for his parents, the local authorities said that he had died in a hiking accident. Little did they know that he had been kidnapped and taken to North Korea, where he was forced to become the English tutor of the now dictator Kim Jong-un.

David Sneddon

A recent report states that Sneddon is now living in the Hermit Kingdom capital, Pyongyang, and he even has a wife and two kids. Since the revelation, the U.S. is launching an active search for him.

His mother Kathleen Sneddon said:

We just knew in our heart that he was alive, so we had to keep fighting.

The family had never lost hope because a body was never found. In addition, they suspected that their son had been targeted by North Korean officials due to his abilities in the Korean language, which he had learned while on a Mormon mission.

Missing David Sneddon

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The family has since released a statement on their Facebook page, saying:

We are grateful for the prayers on behalf of David… but please also pray for the people of North Korea.

Each day continues to bring us more hope!

I hope for this family’s sake that they do find him alive and well, although it sounds like he’s got a pretty decent life set up for himself. You never know – he might not want to come back.

Although you couldn’t say the same for this poor guy.


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