Brazilian Girl’s Virginity Up For Grabs In 20-Man Reality TV Show

A new reality TV show will attempt to finally get Catarina Migliorini to lose her virginity despite her turning down a bunch of auction winners already.

Remember Catarina Migliorini aka the Brazilian girl who keeps trying and failing to auction off her virginity? Despite receiving offers in excess of $700,000, she’s now decided to “give up” on the auction angle and is instead planning on losing her virginity on “There’s Something About Catarina” — a proposed reality TV show in Brazil.

The idea is to have 20 men from around the world compete to be 23-year-old Migliorini’s first sex partner and to win $1 million on top.

Never has someone’s virginity been milked this long and this hard since the Virgin Mary. Sick of reading this same story every few months. Hopefully this TV show contract is iron-clad and there is a definite winner who definitely has sex with Catarina because this is just beyond ridiculous now.

Fancy getting involved? Apply here.

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