Someone Has Written An Excellent Twitter Thread Explaining How Trump’s Presidency Ruined His Life

This is comedy gold.

By the time you read this, Joe Biden will hopefully be inaugurated and Donald Trump’s Presidency will be but a horrible memory, but a Twitter thread has gone viral today explaining how Donald Trump has absolutely hated the last four years and how his decision to run for Presidency literally ruined his and his families lives.

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I don’t think it needs more of an introduction that that, so let’s dive right in:

Lol. Not sure how many of those are 100% correct, but they definitely all refer to some aspects of Trump’s reign and it’s definitely a hot and hilarious take on everything that’s going on. Hopefully we can look back on the past four years and laugh at some point, I’ve got a feeling it’ll take a very long time though.

For more of the same, check out this thread that went viral for explaining what was really going on during the first lockdown. Fuck that seems like a long time ago now.


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