Someone In The UK Has Won £51,702,049 But They Haven’t Claimed It

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Is it you?

The National Lottery has put forward an appeal after it was discovered that a UK ticket holder has won over £51.7million but hasn’t claimed their prize. Whoever it is – they’re about to become either the luckiest or unluckiest person in the country, depending on how this plays out.

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If you’ve taken part in the lottery recently and your ticket reads 5, 9, 29, 31, 41 and Lucky Stars 2 and 4 then hurry up because, as the National Lottery said in its appeal, the £51,702,049 is all yours. Man I wish I had that ticket. The appeal also stated:

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The UK really is on a winning streak with this being the fourth EuroMillions jackpot won on these shores this year.

Back in June an £87million EuroMillions jackpot was won by another lucky UK player.

February also proved to be a very lucky month for UK EuroMillions players with two huge EuroMillions prizes being won by Brits on two consecutive weeks: two ticket-holders, from the UK and Belgium, split the £39.9million jackpot on 14th February, each banking £19.9million, and the following draw saw another UK winner who bagged the 17th February jackpot of £14.5million.

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Who are these people and why don’t I have as much luck as them? Then again, I don’t ever actually take part in the lottery because I’m as pessimistic as they come – maybe it’s time to start taking part and dreaming big like the rest of the country. Anyway, if you do take part then check your damn tickets fool, because it might just make you £51.7million richer.

To read about the woman who set up a GoFundMe after she spent her life savings on lottery tickets, click HERE. I bet she wishes she had that ticket.


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