Someone Suggested A ‘Dry COVID-19’ And People Are Not Happy About It

Yeah right.

Everyone is pretty much crawling up the walls now that we’ve been on lockdown for a couple of weeks and the only thing that’s getting a lot of people through it is the thought of having a few beers at the weekend and going on the House Party app with their mates or playing online poker or whatever, but one person seems determined to put a stop to this by suggesting a Dry COVID-19.

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Dry COVID-19 is obviously a spinoff of Dry January where people give up alcohol for a month (and then inevitably go on a three day bender after completing it) but applied for the Coronavirus quarantine rather than the month of January. It was suggested by Ian Hamilton in an article the he wrote for The Independent in which he says the following:

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Although many of us may be grateful that we can still get hold of alcohol, we shouldn’t be given the impression that alcohol is the way to get through lockdown; indeed the World Health Organisation has stated that the drug should not be used as a coping mechanism during the coronavirus crisis – particularly as alcohol compromises our immunity, something we need to be at its peak at this time.

Rather than risk compromising our health, this is a great opportunity to extend Dry January to “Dry Covid”.

It’s only in the absence of a substance that you find out what your relationship with it is, and can hope to recalibrate it.

For some, this process could be revealing; for others, life-changing. Of all drugs, alcohol is the one from which we feel and see the most rapid transformation – from improved sleep to better appearance to improved mood – when we eliminate it.

I mean that does kind of make sense, but given how seemingly interwoven getting pissed is with our national psyche it seems very unlikely that a majority of the population are going to take this opportunity to renege on their favourite pastime. This was very evident by the Twitter reaction to the article:

Yeah, doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen then does it? Up there with the most extreme reactions I think I’ve ever seen about anything. Do people need to get a grip or is that how most people in this country feel about drinking?

For what it’s worth, I’ve probably been drinking way less than I usually would during this crisis as I tend to only do so when I’m out of the house and around friends and it’s been working OK for me and I feel pretty good. Doesn’t mean that it will for you though, so just do what you want as long as it’s not too reckless or dangerous. Peace out.

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