Someone Replaced All The Animal Screams On ‘Planet Earth 2’ With Human Screams


There’s no way this won’t make you laugh.

‘Planet Earth 2’ is undoubtedly absolutely excellent television, but the one problem you might have with it is that it’s always a bit too serious and there isn’t a lot of room for comic relief. You can’t really argue with that though when most of the show is just animals struggling to survive and beating the shit out of each other.

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However, one dude named Matt Amys has decided to lighten up the show a bit by adding human screams to all the animals during some particularly tense and light hearted situations. He’s actually edited it really well so the timing is absolutely perfect for the screams, and he’s used a wide variety of them too so there’s pretty much no way this isn’t going to bring a smile to your lips:

Told you. The only problem with it is that it isn’t longer, although with that last scream from David Attenborough being so funny you can almost forgive it. Almost. Maybe we’ll see a sequel soon – we can but hope.

For more ‘Planet Earth’, did you know that some of it was faked? Disappointing.


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