Someone Has Recut The Die Hard Trailer As A Christmas Movie

Die Hard

The debate is finally settled.

There’s one debate that always comes up at this time of year revolving around whether or not Die Hard is actually a Christmas movie or not.

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It seems fairly clear to me that it is considering it’s set at Christmas and the holiday plays a pretty big part in the whole entire movie, but there are still those out there who question the validity of this argument. If you’re one of these people or know one of these people, then I would like to direct you to watching the trailer below, which clearly highlights all the reasons why Die Hard is a Christmas movie and pretty much removes any doubt from anyone’s brain that it could be anything but that:

Ok so clearly that’s cut in a way that makes Die Hard look like a comedy and it isn’t really (maybe an action comedy because it does have some pretty funny lines it OK), but even so there’s obviously enough references to Christmas in the movie for it to be classed as one. Case closed, brb going to watch Die Hard on repeat all over the festive period. Merry Christmas/Yippe Ki Yay motherfuckers!

If you still don’t believe this, then check out the goddamn scriptwriter saying that it’s a Christmas movie. How can you argue with that?


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