Die Hard Scriptwriter Reveals That The Movie Is 100% A Christmas Movie

Die Hard

For years, there has always been one outlier that everybody can’t agree upon when people talk about what the best Christmas movie is, and that movie is Die Hard.

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Sure, it’s set at Christmas but it really isn’t as Christmassy as a lot of them and doesn’t really have that traditional Christmas message that a lot of them have, but I would definitely say it’s a Christmas movie. Mainly because I get to watch it instead of some crap like Muppet Christmas Carol.

Of course, there are those people out there who will argue until the sun comes up that it isn’t a Christmas movie, but it turns out that it 100% is according to its scriptwriter Steven E. DeSouza who said the following when he was asked about it by a fan:

Of course, that’s a joke answer but DeSouza has also said this in an interview with Dazed in the past:

While of course in the script I made many references to the holiday season, it wasn’t until I set foot on the set and saw the giant Christmas tree and all the decorations in the office building locations that it struck me how ‘Christmassy’ the film was, even when no one was actively mentioning it.

There you have it. Case closed. If you haven’t watched Die Hard yet this Xmas and there’s still time whilst we’re stuck in the gap, go use this argument and whack it on. You 100% won’t regret it.

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