Someone Put A Padlock In This Guy’s Flesh Tunnel And Now He Can’t Get It Off

Guy Padlock Tunnel


It’s got to be said that there are a number of dangers getting a flesh tunnel in your ear. These can include whether or not your ear will ever go back to normal after you realise that it was a bad idea, the fact someone might put their finger through it or people might pull on it all the time, or basically just the fact that you’re probably going to look like a twat just for getting it done in the first place.

Although it’s possible that these problems could include someone clamping a padlock through it and running away with the key, I didn’t think that this was actually possible as it would be really fucking solid to sneak up on someone and do it. Given how dopey most people with flesh tunnels actually look though, I should have realised that this was actually a very real possibility. And now it’s actually happened.

The guy is called Tom Grim Fandango Matthews and he swears that he didn’t notice it had happened until he heard a random click and saw it dangling from his ear. He posted the following message on Facebook about it:

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Whoa scary rant. I’m sure posting that message on Facebook where he can definitely see it – and the results of his handiwork – is really going to scare him and not send him into hysterics. That is if he even gets around to seeing it in the first place.

Obviously everyone has taken the piss out of Tom for being such a moron in the first place, which led to the following explanation of how this even managed to happen:

Man raging after finding a padlock through his stretched earlobe

Gotta be careful on these lunch breaks pal.

UPDATE: Unfortunately for the amusement of everyone here, Tom did manage to get the padlock off eventually with some bolt cutters. Damn – I was really hoping he would have to walk around like that forever.

For more gruesome stories about flesh tunnels, watch this guy’s horrific surgery to get the humongous hole in his ear lobe fixed.


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