Someone Mashed Up WAP With A Scene From ‘Twilight’ And It Was Absolutely Hilarious

So good.

I’m gonna be straight up honest here and tell you that I’ve never watched the Twilight films or read the books, but like everyone I know that it’s about some moody ass vampire getting with some moody ass girl, so even I can appreciate how goofy and funny it is that someone decided to mash up a scene from it with this summer’s pussy anthem WAP.

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Just take a look at it below. Even if you don’t know anything about ‘Twilight’ you’ll be able to see how funny it is:

That’s so good isn’t it? Completely destroys Robert Pattinson’s stupid sullen vampire in an unbelievably hilarious way that means I can’t stop laughing. Gonna just imagine that this actually happened in the movies and this is what they’re all actually like and if anyone ever asks me about them – fairly unlikely as I don’t hang out with teenage girls – I’ll just say something about the WAP scene and insist that it actually happened when they try and inform me that it was just a meme. Can see that going down really well.

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