Someone Mashed Up Vanessa Carlton And Rage Against The Machine And It’s Actually Pretty Sick

Rage Vanessa

Killing in the name of Vanessa Carlton.

Mashups are never not going to be popular I don’t think, as pretty much anyone can make them and you can actually end up making some really sick remixes and that’s evident in the video you can hear below.

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Not sure who this guy is but he had the idea to mashup Vanessa Carlton’s ‘1000 miles’ and Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing In the Name Of’ and whilst I’m not going to blame you for thinking that this is probably gonna sound pretty awful, take a listen to it below and be prepared to have your mind blown:[0]=68.ARDM8rgamtOvZq23DyOHMIwYTRZ2hUvUk7dX9I2tR9zsWWTJcfiL6lGRMz0qzYEfbu4F6h47qzsroFCzbNs70RK88akhUN8tfhpMJf_bf5PHx7KM8OuM8Bk5c5QpWM89Ivbsik_foVgEv4g-jnyXnejfj6pV1WeSfg_QkFtKNDdUHUmFoigkFo0B7jK8qXNLlw8E2MzqNaaWMEBOIf4qBvH-0w_DuJ_2UfpTgzxO54HOSu74tfp0MPRUa4Xyd3MycrKEaWIyoXZQpL6wZ5iQ_SBGG05RI5x0EOR9qPxcyKRVgs7t4-JlORCbvQvS9tdG_ukp3u2K3XcVEjqfvZDrEXB1Cz_5oA&__tn__=H-R

Yeah I mean like the guy says it does manage to fit really well and end up being strangely uplifting, which I don’t think I ever would have predicted before listening to it. Might have to start following his Facebook page for some more content because that stuff is tight.

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