Someone Has Created A Game Of Thrones/Vanilla Ice Mash Up Because Winter Is Coming

Game Of Thrones

Well this is stupid.

With Game Of Thrones fever pretty much at a a full on peak right now (honestly, try scrolling down your timeline on a Monday and seeing anything else) due to the fact the seventh series is currently being broadcast, we’re bound to see countless amounts of memes and videos revolving around the most popular show on television.

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This one could quite easily be the best that we’ve ever seen though. As we’ve heard countless times on the show, ‘winter is coming’ (and is now here) so some genius has decided to compile a mashup of the Game Of Thrones characters rapping Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’. Glorious – watch out for Khaleesi’s clap because it really does take things to the next level:

Too good right? Editing on point and so relevant to the actual series. Hopefully they’ll play out the final episode to that or something.

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