Someone Has Made A Movie About COVID-23 Lockdowns In 2024 And The Internet Is Not Happy

Is this in poor taste?

As it looks like we’ll be heading into a second lockdown fairly soon – it seems inevitable really does it, especially after France announced one the other day – the question everyone seems to be asking is just when or if life will ever return to ‘normal’ again.

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Sadly, at least one filmmaker doesn’t think that this will be happening any time soon as they’ve already made a film about COVID-23 – that’s a mutation of the virus – lockdowns in the year 2024. The movie is called ‘Songbird’ and sees the annual death toll from Coronavirus at 8.4 million and authoritarian governments instituting permanent martial law, with anyone who is showing symptoms getting removed from society and placed in a quarantine camp by creepy guys in hazmat suits.

You can watch the trailer below but if you’re a bit worried about the situation at the moment and don’t want to see the worst possible outcome of it then maybe you should steer clear for now:

Wow – how did they manage to get Demi Moore to appear in that? I suppose the film looks OK (kinda) – and it’s also kind of impressive how they’ve managed to make it so quickly – but the internet was not happy about it whatsoever, with reactions varying from people saying it was in poor taste to others saying it was absolutely disgusting.

Here are a few of the ‘best’ takes:

I’ve gotta say that I’m not as sensitive as some of those people about this, but I think the one comparing it to 9/11 really drives the point home as so many people have lost loved ones, friends and family members to the virus and releasing something like this is clearly not thinking about how this is going to affect them. It also doesn’t help that the movie doesn’t look like it’s really going to be that good either – maybe it could be forgiven if looked like the kind of thing that might win a couple of Oscars and not an extended music video?

Probably not to be fair and it’s kind crazy that so many people – including Demi Moore of all people – even thought that it would be a good idea to make it. The reaction has been so awful that it wouldn’t surprise me if Hollywood shelved the movie completely because of it. Watch this space.

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