Someone Has Already Invented A Strap For Apple’s Wireless AirPods


No time like the present.

The iPhone 7 was finally unveiled last week and everyone was pretty pissed off that – as predicted – it wasn’t going to have your traditional headphone jack and instead you could use some new wireless AirPods instead. ‘Great, no way am I ever going to lose them’ said everyone in the world ever in unison, whilst simultaneously forking out over £100 for them.

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Fortunately, where Apple have failed a bunch of other companies are set to pick up the slack with Spigen’s AirPods strap leading the way. This is pretty much exactly what it says it is – a wire that connects your two AirPods together so that you don’t lose them. And what’s more it’s only $10. Or alternatively you could buy an actual pair of headphones for $10, like Panasonic’s in ear Earbuds.


That’s probably a way better investment, especially when you consider the fact that to charge up your AirPods for use – remember they’re wireless and only have a five hour battery life – you’re gonna have to put them in their own little charging box which means disconnecting and connecting that wire every single fucking time you want to charge them up. And judging by their battery life, that’s probably going to be quite a lot.

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Personally, I’m thinking about ditching Apple altogether and just go back to my old Nokia so I can play Snake. Especially now I’ve watched this tutorial on how to be a complete badass at it.


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