Someone Has Created A Thread Of What It Would Be Like To Go On The Sesh With Premier League Managers

It’s absolutely perfect.

If you’re into football, then you’re almost certainly into the Premier League and you’ll have some kind of an opinion on each of the managers competing in it, but I doubt you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go out on the sesh with any of them, have you?

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Fortunately Twitter user Scott Oliver has decided to imagine getting on it with each and every one of them and the results are absolutely perfect. Take a look:

Wow. The guy starts off well and really does not let up throughout the whole thread, pretty much accurately describing each manager’s personality and applying it to a major night out and doing so in around 50 words. A true talent.

Think my favourite one/most fitting was either Sean Dyche or Graham Potter as I think most of us would have found ourselves in situations with similar awful characters. Can’t really relate to some of the more extravagant ones, although the bleakness of David Moyes’ situation seems to aptly match his career as well. Scott Parker had a lot of energy too. Really great thread.

For more of the same, check out this thread of Steve Bruce hanging out at weddings. Something special as well.


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