Someone Has Created A New Cheese Kebab For Vegetarians


When you become a vegetarian/vegan there’s no doubt that you’re giving up a lot of tasty food out there, but more and more alternatives to your traditional meat based dishes are appearing all over the place to try and help you deal with this transition.

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The latest one of these is called the Cheebab which is pretty much exactly what you expect it to be with a name like that – a doner kebab made out of cheese instead of lamb or chicken. The new dish is the brainchild of Roland Rüegg of Zurich-based dairy farm Natürli, who describes the product as ‘the new, tasty, vegetarian kebab variant from Zürioberländer milk‘. 

Apparently it’s been a massive hit with customers since he launched it last year, saying the following about it:

I had a hunch that kebab shops could offer something with cheese, and we also like to work on new recipes in production.

From the initial vision to the first usable result, it took us about a year between the recipe and the production.

The Cheebab has been around since May of 2018 and we’ve been overrun with requests ever since.

It should just be an alternative for vegetarians. Which is why we’ve also made sure that the lab used for our cheese production is vegetarian-friendly.

Unfortunately, it looks like you can only buy the cheese kebabs in a couple of locations right now in Zurich –  So Chill and Gossau Kebab House – but hopefully they will be rolled out all over the world considering how successful it sounds like they’re being.  

Would love to know just how it tasted though, like I can’t really imagine what donering cheese would taste like at all. I’m sure it’ll be delicious but I just can’t feel it in my mouth, you know? Need to get over there and try one ASAP. 

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